Who is Papi?

WHEN MY FATHER CAME TO AMERICA, he didn’t know the language. He didn’t have money. But what he did have was determinación. He worked in kitchens, saving his money until he could buy his own bodega, and eventually, his own restaurant. As a kid, I worked hard for him, learning every part of the business—from washing dishes, to making deliveries, cooking and management. I also discovered a determination of my own, a passion, for making incredible food. Today, everyone calls me Papi, and I love sharing my Dominican culture and spreading my positive attitude to my customers, my neighborhood and beyond.

THAT’S WHY I STARTED PAPI’S FOOD & GRILLE NYC. Our menu features authentic Dominican dishes that you’ll love. They’re vibrant and rich, just like the island itself, and every bite bursts with flavor. Whether for lunch, dinner, a quick bite, or for a full event catering, I’m proud to share my culinary heritage with you.

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